Monday, June 8, 2009

Pro-Life "Extremists"

The abortion industry and certain sectors of the media are capitalising on the murder of George Tiller by laying the blame for his killing on the entire pro-life movement, ignoring the hundreds of statements that have now been made by pro-life groups around the world deploring his killing.

George Tiller was killed by a lone vigilante, he was not murdered by a global movement whose representatives publicly and repeatedly speak out against violence. The abortion industry and their friends in the media know this, but when have they ever allowed the truth to get in the way of their rhetoric? When London was bombed by Islamist extremists, powerful voices within the political establishment and the media were quick to make the point that the men who blew themselves up on 7 July 2005 were not representative of Islam and they were right to make that point. If the thousands of innocent, law-abiding Muslims living in Britain had been held responsible for the deaths of 52 people simply by professing and living out their faith, it would not only have been a crass injustice, it would have put innocent people at risk of retaliation.

Unfortunately, the same courtesy has not been extended to the pro-life movement. A very interesting article, written by a post-abortive woman and published on That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill looks at label of 'extremist' pinned onto pro-life activists from the perspective of a woman who was coerced into an abortion as a teenager. She also describes how it felt to wake up after the abortion to face the horrible truth of what she had done

I saw my son. I saw his tiny hands and feet. I looked at him as he lay on the bed next to me dead, and I prayed I could put him back inside of me. Horrified, I wondered how on earth our country could condone such a thing. How was it possible we thought this was ok? It was beyond, my comprehension.

I lived with the impact my abortion had on my entire family. My dad, my mom, my sibling, and my future children all lived with the consequences of the death of my son. Mostly, I lived with the impact of my abortion. I suffered from guilt, shame, anxiety and self hatred, in a silence that was deafening because no one would acknowledge my pain. There are millions of other families out there living with these same consequences.

And later:

There are people in our government now who may label me, by their standards, a potential terrorist. I find this ironic since the only violent act I have ever been involved with was the killing of my unborn son by abortion.