Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Hideousness and Evil"

It is very easy for me as a pro-life activist to be lulled into believing the myth that people who promote abortion do so for genuinely altruistic motives. Like most campaigners, I really ought to know better. As the abortion industry gets ever bolder, its advocates are making fewer and fewer efforts at concealing the hideous face of the abortion cause. The incidents are numerous: an angry mob screaming blasphemies and insults, hitting and spitting upon people praying peacefully outside a cathedral in Argentina, consecrated hosts being desecrated, the grotesque parody of a crucifix involving models of pregnant teenagers in place of the figure of Christ, the frequent physical and verbal abuse of campaigners as they pray peacefully outside abortion facilities.

However, if you are still in any doubt about the truly demonic nature of the abortion industry, take a look at this article written by a a man who attended the March for Women's Lives in January 2008 and talked to some of those who participated. What most struck him was the absence of any rational arguments in favour of abortion and the levels of hatred and vitriol being vented not just from the platform but from within the crowd. Hate was the unifying force between the different groups represented at the march, hatred of religion particularly the Catholic Church and hatred of the United States, which was then regarded as more sympathetic to the pro-life movement. Compassion, the word most often misused to justify abortion, was entirely absent.

As the author puts it succinctly:

While I do not doubt that some individuals involved in the pro-abortion movement are misled and need compassion, my experiences at the march reaffirmed my conviction that the movement itself is not built upon these people. It is built upon hideousness and evil and must be vigorously resisted.