Sunday, October 11, 2009

'No regrets' for rape victim who chose life

Miriam was walking with a nurse towards the operating theatre, dressed in a hospital gown, when she burst into tears and said that she had changed her mind about the abortion. At the age of 19 she had become pregnant through rape and had felt that abortion was the only way she would be able to get her life back to normal.

Her daughter is now seven and Miriam has never regretted that last-minute decision to save her life. Speaking about her experience of motherhood, Miriam said:

Having Kayleigh made me realise I could do anything, that it was up to me to make what had happened a positive thing in my life. But I’ll also tell her about the moment I decided to keep her, and how I felt all this love for her, love that is even stronger now. Watching her grow up, I feel lucky to have her in my life: I love her with all my heart.

Miriam now works with women who have been through rape and speaks regularly about her experience.