Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Support Aaron Doherty’s “Run for Unborn Life”

Ireland North and South is under continual pressure from pro abortion forces to introduce abortion and legal cases are currently underway in the two jurisdictions, both of which need urgent support.

The current battle in Northern Ireland is the SPUC judicial review of recently issued guidance from the Northern Ireland health department, which threatens to make abortion in the Province more easily available. Abortion in the guidelines is presented as a “service” to which patients must have access rather than a tightly controlled exception to a criminal prohibition. See SPUC Director BLOG

Aaron Doherty from Portstewart in Northern Ireland will take part in the Dublin City Marathon on Monday next 26th October 2009, in a bid to raise funds to assist in fighting the Legal action in Northern Ireland, an action aimed at saving countless unborn lives. Aaron is pro-life activist and a member of SPUC’s national executive committee who among his other activities has been giving pro-life talks in schools for almost 20 years.

The hearing of the Judicial Review of the abortion guidance is scheduled to be held in the High Court in Belfast on 27th-28th October and SPUC’s lawyers have estimated that the challenge is likely to incur legal costs running into many thousands of pounds

Please consider what you can to help SPUC’s Judicial Review fund today and help protect unborn babies before it’s too late. You can do this by:

• donating online at (select letter code: DM193NIJR)
• help Aaron raise sponsors using the downloadable sponsorship form
• phoning through your donation using a credit/debit card on (020) 7091 7091

The liberalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland would seriously damage the prospects of protecting unborn children in the Republic of Ireland too, so please pray for the success of the case.

Watch out for Aaron in his yellow pro-life T-shirt, in the Dublin City Marathon!