Thursday, October 29, 2009

Notre Dame protestor may be forced to plead guilty

A woman who was arrested with 87 others during a peaceful pro-life protest at Notre Dame University, may have to plead guilty because of the burden the case is placing on her young family. Laura Rohling, who wore a t-shirt at the protest stating: "I regret my abortion" is struggling to cope with the cost of the repeated journeys from Denver to Notre Dame to appear in court. If she pleads guilty she faces a $250 fine, $160 court costs, 20 hours of community service, one year of unsupervised probation and a 10-day jail sentence suspended. “All this,” she says, “for a Rosary, a protest for Orthodox Catholicism, and my free speech rights.”

When asked to drop these pointless charges, Fr Jenkins managed to summon up enough concern for his fellow Catholics to send out a letter saying that the matter was out of his hands. I wonder how the man sleeps at night?