Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abortion against the mother's will

This is the second case I have come across recently of a woman being poisoned by a man trying to abort her baby without her consent. Fortunately, in spite of having her food spiked with RU-486, both the mother and the baby survived, though the baby was premature and low birth weight.

Cases where a man actively poisons a woman to try to cause an abortion are mercifully rare, but stories like this raise a much broader question about the number of women who are pushed into abortions by husbands and boyfriends who bully or emotionally blackmail them into accepting a decision. The Abortion Changes You website contains hundreds of stories written by women who have had abortions and so many of them speak of boyfriends demanding that they go through with an abortion or threatening to walk out if they refuse. The quotations are endless:

"he told me that I had to choose whose life meant more, his or the baby’s."
"His first reaction was, 'Get rid of it'."
"He said he wasn't ready to be a father."
"The boyfriend had other ideas and wanted me 'to get rid of it.'"

I wonder if it ever occurs to women who support abortion in the name of women's rights, that the people who benefit most from abortion are selfish men who won't take responsibility for their own actions?