Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Irish Centre for Human Rights

The Irish Centre for Human Rights at University College Galway, in association with the Irish Family Planning Association (which is an associate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation), is hosting a conference on Thursday, 5 November. The subject of the conference is ‘Global and Local Perspectives on Abortion’, but it excludes the majority local pro-life perspective and only features pro-abortion speakers.

Dr. Séan Ó Domhnaill, director of the Life Institute, has written to the conference organisers requesting that a pro-life speaker be included in the list of those who will be addressing the gathering. ‘Perhaps you could, even at this late stage, show your openness to a real commitment to human rights by including a speaker who believes that all human life should be afforded protection’, he asked.

Dr. Ó Domhnaill has also queried whether the Centre, or the conference, is receiving tax-payer funding.