Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alert! - FOURTH ALL-IRELAND RALLY FOR LIFE, Saturday, 3 July 2010

I promised to keep you up to date with arrangements for the Fourth All-Ireland Rally for Life – so, here goes:

The latest information is that the Rally will take place on Saturday, 3 July next, at 2.00 pm, and those taking part are asked to assemble at Custom House Square, in Belfast City Centre, at that time.
‘This summer, the most important date on the pro-life calendar is Saturday, July 3rd. That’s when we will join with thousands of others to celebrate life and be a voice for our unborn children.
‘Ireland – north and south – is one of the last remaining places in the world where abortion is still illegal and where unborn children are still cherished, loved and protected. But our unborn children are coming under threat from powerful pro-abortion campaigners in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United Nations who want to change our pro-life laws and legalise abortion. That’s why it’s so important we show our united opposition to abortion. Let’s do that together, at the ALL-IRELAND RALLY FOR LIFE.
‘What you can do:-
Encourage your family/friends/Church/Prayer Group to attend the Rally for Life;
Distribute Rally for Life leaflets in your community;
Organise a Bus from your area to the Rally for Life.’

[from one of the Rally websites]

Information Evenings in relation to the Rally for Life have already taken place in Omagh, Derry, Newry and Belfast. If you would like to have an Information Evening in your area you are invited to contact the organisers (details below).

Bernadette Smyth, of Precious Life, has said:
‘The Rally for Life will give the people of Ireland an unique opportunity to send out a clear message that we want our unborn children and their mothers protected from abortion.’

Details of buses that have already been organised from various parts of Ireland will shortly be announced but, in the meantime, please contact the following numbers for further information or to request supplies of Rally for Life leaflets for distribution.

Northern Ireland: 028 9027 8484 Republic of Ireland: 01 8730463

Pope Benedict XVI’s general prayer intention for June is:
‘That every national and trans national institution may strive to guarantee respect for human life from conception to natural death.’

Custom House Square, Belfast, Saturday, 3 July 2010, 2 pm