Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Population control and reduction

As far back as 1999, the Population Research Institute reported that the population control lobby that ‘stormed’ the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development had (and still has) three major, global objectives, as follows:
1. To manipulate women into having fewer children than they want.
2. To convince women and adolescent girls into believing that their fertility threatens the sustainability of the world’s resources.
3. To promote the sterility of homosexual relationships as ‘ecologically responsible’.

These three objectives, the report continues, fit in with the three major objectives of the feminist ‘rights agenda’:
1. To ensure that access to abortion is a basic human right.
2. To ‘liberate’ adolescent sexuality from parental supervision by ‘educating’ adolescents in their ‘new’ human rights to abortion without parental notification.
3. To assign the same rights and privileges to homosexual relationships as to traditional marriages and the founding of the family.

Does all of this sound familiar? Too familiar, to my mind.

Why, oh why, is the Irish Government insisting on proceeding with the atrocious ‘Civil Partnership Bill’ on which they are ‘debating’ at the present time?

Under the proposed legislation homosexual and lesbian couples who will be accorded virtually the same rights and privileges as those accorded at present to married people. These ‘rights’ will not – for the time being – include the adoption of children, nor can they refer to their partnerships as ‘marriage’. The term ‘marital status’ will be removed from all previous legislation, and it will be replaced with the term ‘civil status’. And the governmental/legislative promoters of the ‘Civil Partnership Bill 2009’ continue to insist that it will not ‘downgrade’ marriage? They are even now bringing in all sorts of red herrings to mask the true nature of the Bill.
Apart from its disastrous consequences for marriage and the family, the Bill also contains some draconian measures to ensure that nobody can, in conscience, object or refuse to facilitate a homosexual partnership, on pain of huge fines and/or imprisonment.