Thursday, June 3, 2010

Postponing Motherhood

An article in the UK Guardian newspaper (26 May 2010) is headed: ‘Motherhood begins at 40: record number of women choosing to have children later. – Average age of giving birth reaches new high of 29.4 : Medical experts warn of heightened health risks.’
It seems that ‘… the trend is due to women postponing childbearing until they feel settled in their careers, men being more reluctant to settle down, and broader societal shifts such as many young people enjoying “a prolonged adolescence” into their 30s.’

This trend, however, according to Professor Philip Steer, a hospital consultant and emeritus professor in obstetrics and gynaecology at Imperial College London, is ‘a cause for significant concern.’
‘Radical changes in workplaces and in society are needed by the government and employers’, continues Professor Steer, ‘to enable many more women to have children in their 20s without feeling that their chances of advancement have been hampered.’

Maybe, just maybe, the authorities are starting to wake up and to realise that the radical feminist agenda is leading society by a short road to chaos, and that for the good and for the future of society in general the traditional family must be supported and preserved.