Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fighting the left's new agenda

Fr Brian McKevitt in the current edition of his monthly newspaper ALIVE has an article "Called to fight the Left’s new agenda"

There is an old saying that if you put a frog into boiling water it will immediately jump out but if you put it into cold water and gradually turn up the heat it will be boiled.
The Irish nation along with most European nations have been slowly immersed into the culture of death and sadly most do not even recognise it. Fr Brian in his article notes that the parties of the right do not grasp what is happenning nevertheless he see the seeds of new initiatives that foster hope

Fr Brian writes
A huge division now threatens the foundations of Western culture, in what one writer has called "a clash of orthodoxies", another "a civil war".

On one side are those who uphold the culture’s Christian character based on natural law and objective morality. On the other side is the new Left, out to destroy this heritage in the name of individual choice, pleasure and freedom.

Having abandoned its economic agenda of ending capitalism, says Professor Francisco Contreras, the Left underwent a major change. Seeking a new reason for its existence, it opted to work for "a sexual, moral and cultural revolution."

The principal battles in this ‘war’, said the professor, are over: 1) respect for the dignity of human life; 2) sexuality and family structure (sexual laxity, cohabitation, divorce, gay marriage, etc.; 3) the role of religion in public life.

Christians in the US have been quicker than in Europe to recognise the Left’s new agenda. Their response includes a vigorous prolife movement, a vast array of pro-family groups, think-tanks and media, and strong political and religious leaders.

In Europe, on the other hand, the Left more or less dominates the public culture. Parties on the right have still not grasped what is happening and, as a result, have developed no distinctive alternatives to the new Leftist goals.

In Ireland the hard Left’s agenda is being openly and vigorously promoted by Fianna Fail, with the other parties in a support role and the national media acting as knuckle-headed cheerleaders.

The Church, weakened by scandals, internal division, sheer incompetence, loss of confidence in its mission and lack of courageous leadership, has virtually removed itself from the public square.

But there is too much at stake for Christians to allow our present apathy to continue. A first step is to grasp just what a huge assault a tiny minority is carrying out on our society. And the devastation it will cause.

Each of us must then oppose this injustice with all our might, wherever we find ourselves. Hundreds of tiny initiatives have already begun all over the country. They deserve our support. The time for action is now.
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