Friday, November 12, 2010

Shock report: Hundreds of foetuses, newborns dumped in South Africa

According to a report in the Irish Sun, a South African radio station reported last Friday that hundreds of aborted babies and dead newborn babies are being dumped in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area each year, .

The report by Johannesburg's private 702 radio station highlights a report by the South African Medical Research Council and the Pretoria-based University of South Africa as saying at least 446 bodies of foetuses and babies under one years of age were turning up in drains, gutters and rubbish bins in Gauteng province.

According to the report at least part of the problem was thought to stem from the proliferation of illegal abortion clinics. In addition to the dumping of aborted preborn babies the statistics also included the bodies of some newborn babies.

Dumping of newborns is apparently a well-documented problem in the South Africa and the report says that the South African media regularly carries stories of desperate, often hard-up teenagers and young women disposing of their babies in toilets following unplanned pregnancies.

Gauteng, where Johannesburg and Pretoria are situated, is South Africa's most populous province.