Thursday, November 4, 2010

US midterm elections show massive rejection of Obama anti life policies

The majority of the nominal pro-life Democrats who along with Representative Bart Stupak provided the votes for the pro-abortion health care bill were sent packing as a result of voter outrage. Meanwhile pro-life Republicans such as Christopher (Chris) Smith (see photograph) were easily returned

The Democrats claimed at the time that the legislation that would allow a government-run health care program, which did not fund abortions and claimed that an executive order signed by President Barack Obama would ensure that was the case.

Pro-life voters however were not taken in and punished the betrayal in Tuesday’s election: Representatives Alan Mollohan, Steve Driehaus, Baron Hill, Chris Carney, Kathy Dahlkemper, Marcy Kaptur, Charlie Wilson, Brad Ellsworth, Jim Oberstar and John Boccieri lost their seats with only a handful escaping the voters' wrath.

On the other hand one of the few pro-life Democrats to oppose the pro-abortion health care bill, Rep. Dan Lipinski from Illinois, won his re-election bid.

Concerned Women for America Director of Legislation and Public Policy Shari Rendall said afterwards
“Last night's vote was crystal clear: Americans do not want their money to pay for abortions,”
And CWA CEO Penny Nance said,
selling their votes to pass the controversial health care bill most Americans oppose was their ticket home. “Yesterday's vote showed that Americans realized that President Obama's executive order was just a sham to ram through this unpopular bill.”