Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Caritas Baby Hospital Bethlehem, fundraiser

The health studies students in Truro College (Cornwall) decided to raise some funds for the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem recently.   They raised over £100 for the Hospital earlier this month by baking and selling cakes in aid of the sick children of Palestine, and they are to be congratulated for their initiative!

Also in Cornwall, on Christmas Eve, 24 December, a special Christmas torchlight walk took place, starting at St. Mary’s Church in Penzance.   Here is an extract about the walk from the website of the charity, ‘Children’s Relief Bethlehem UK’: 

‘As we celebrate Christmas in peace and security spare a thought for those who are less fortunate.  While we enjoy Christmas fare many children in Bethlehem are malnourished and suffering as a direct result of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  This conflict has created disastrous living conditions in Bethlehem, poverty is everywhere in the West Bank and hygiene levels are low.  Many children are malnourished and permanent water shortage exacerbates the situation.
‘Locally based charity Children’s Relief Bethlehem UK invites everyone to join them on a torch light walk around Penzance to raise awareness of the plight faced by the many children who live in Bethlehem today. …’

You, too, can help in the work of this wonderful Hospital by either sending a direct donation, or by becoming a sponsor for some specific aspect of the Hospital’s ongoing care for the people of Bethlehem and surrounding areas.
The website address is: www.kinderhilfe-bethlehem.ch/en  

A further account of the Bethlehem Caritas Baby Hospital can be found in my blog for 30 May 2009, which shows a lovely photograph of Sr. Donatella holding one of the young patients in the Hospital.