Friday, December 10, 2010

Next "Viva la Vida" Conference

Recently, in my blog, I wrote about the very successful "Viva la Vida" Conference that took place in Dublin last month.   The Conference was organised by Youth Defence, and that same group fresh from organising the 2010 Conference – are already planning a similar Conference for next year.   The 2011 "Viva la Vida" Conference is planned to take place in Madrid in August, coinciding with World Youth Day.   

Youth Defence has put together a travel ‘package’ for attendance at both WYD and the Viva la Vida Conference and pro-life festival.  Full details are available on their website (  Click on ‘Youth Defence to host pro-life festival at World Youth Day’, and then click on ‘view preliminary brochure’.   Alternatively, contact YD via email:
Enjoy meeting young (and maybe not so young) pro-life people from all over the world!