Friday, April 8, 2011

25th March, International Day of the Unborn Child.

There are a number of days throughout the year that are celebrated by pro-life organisations in different parts of the world, March 25th however the celebration of the Annunciation has become a very significant date in the calendars of pro-lifers in many countries.

This year has been no exception with major manifestations of pro-life commitment being displayed in many cities throughout the world over the weekend.

It is reported that over 200,000 Spaniards rallied last weekend to shout Yes! to life in more than 70 cities all over Spain. Other countries and cities around the world have joined the International Day for Life and have also organized demonstrations. Entire families, grandparents, kids have joined to send a civic outcry to their political representatives, demanding a firm commitment to the defense of the first human right, the right to live from the moment of conception to natural death.

In Madrid for example it has been estimated that around 150,000-plus pro-lifers gathered to celebrate life and protest a new abortion law in Madrid on Sunday.  see HazteOir report

Pro-life marchers protesting the new law, chanted slogans such as “Yes to life”, “No to abortion”, and “Let me live.”  After speeches, a banner was raised more than 60 meters in the air by 120 colored balloons.  The banner read: “Everyone has the right to life.”
Ignacio Arsuaga, president of HazteOir, an organization that seeks political change through the voice of the people, applauded the participation of the many young people in the march.  “It is wonderful to see how our young people realize and commit to life,

Prague,  Saturday March 26 (CTK) - About a thousand people marched through Prague centre to protest against abortions, some carrying white wooden crosses, others photos of newborn babies, pictures of saints or banners saying "Gynaecologists, Don't Be Contract Killers" and "Tolerance From Conception".
"We don't agree with abortion. This is why we are here," a woman participating in the march said.
The 11th March for Life was preceded by a mass for unborn children celebrated by Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka at St Giles Church in the city's historical centre.
The number of abortions has recently been falling in the Czech Republic.
A petition calling for a ban on abortions was circulated at the event. It has had some 10,000 signatures under it so far.
A majority of the population are against the introduction of such a ban. See Prague Monitor report 

PASADENA - Thousands of abortion opponents walked 2.5 miles around the Rose Bowl Sunday after an opening prayer by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez.
People from all over Southern California came together for Walk4Life, organized by LIFEsocal, a nonprofit created by students and parents from Pasadena high schools, and the Right to Life League of Southern California.
Before his prayer, Gomez said Jesus Christ spent nine months in the womb before being born.
"Why did he do this? To show us that human life is sacred, to show us that every life is precious to God, to show us that each of us is a child of God who is loved," Gomez said on a stage before a crowd of hundreds cheering him on.
"All life is sacred from conception to natural death. Let us ask our good God to bless us today and to be with us in all of our efforts to promote the culture of God." See Pasadena Star news report

Romanian Marches for Life 
On the 26th of March, right next day after Annunciation, the “March for Life” took place in four Romanian cities, simultaneously and with a perfect coordination. Following the tradition already established in many other countries, the provita movement in Romania wishes to awaken the citizens of a country where civic sense is seriously diminished by the economical problems and an acute moral crisis.

In the capital city Bucuresti, in Timisoara – the city where in 1989 started the rise for freedom from under the communist regime – and in two other cities, Satu Mare si Falticeni, almost 2000 people said “YES” to life, at the invitation of the organizational committee, which counted, among others, the Gift of Life association (an affliliate of HLI), the Provita Federation, the Alliance of Romania’s Families etc.