Monday, April 25, 2011

Pharmacists and conscientious objection

A chemist’s shop (pharmacy) in the suburbs of Dublin city carries an ‘in your face’ (you can’t avoid it!) display of various types of condoms.   Above this display stands a poster that carries the following message:

‘Emergency Contraception : Emergency contraception available here without prescription. Ask your Pharmacist for a private consultation.’   

The left-hand corner of the poster shows the logo and the title of the Irish Pharmacy Union.

No doubt but that similarly chilling presentations are to be seen in pharmacies throughout Ireland now.    The pharmacists evidently don’t want to admit that the use of condoms does not always prevent pregnancy.   So, ‘emergency contraception’ is then available in order to make sure that a baby doesn’t survive.

This actually raises a number of questions which need honest answers, first are there any pharmacists left who still conscientiously object to the distribution of so called 'emergency contraception'? and second are there pharmacies out there that do not sell condoms and ‘emergency contraception’?    

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were some honest and Christian pharmacists somewhere in Ireland who do not contribute to the culture of death?