Friday, January 20, 2012

"Foetus parties"

The Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, in the United Kingdom, has warned about the ongoing effects of ‘the worrying trend towards the commercialisation of pregnancy’ on expectant mothers.   But what about the effect on the child?
It appears that in the UK the latest ‘fad’ is to have a party, inviting friends and relatives to view ultrasound scans of the unborn baby.   Sometimes, it seems, an actual ultrasound scanner is hired especially for the party, so that the assembled acquaintances can ‘view’ the baby before birth.    The concern of the midwives Chief Executive, however – although she does express some doubts about the ethics involved in this scenario – is mostly to do with the effect on the mother in the event that the baby might not survive the pregnancy, or that the baby might be injured in some way.   These, without doubt, are very good and sound reasons against the holding of such ‘foetus parties’, as they are called.    But there may be one very, very small good point about these events – and that is that people can see the living, unborn, baby, in such a way as pro-life counsellors endeavour to show.   Let us hope that the midwives Chief Executive might also look on the practice in this light as, all too often, the abortion providers and promoters are terrified to allow a mother to see a picture of her unborn baby in case she should see and realise that the baby is a living human being.
On the other hand – and it is difficult to weigh the two arguments against each other – the holding of ‘foetus parties’ is a commercialisation of pregnancy.    For too long, IVF and other AHR procedures, and surrogacy etc., have contributed to the false, and selfish, idea that anybody can ‘procure’ a baby at whatever the cost to the individual human person.    Is this not treating the child as a sort of object to be acquired at the whim of people?      Is this not a form of child abuse?    And yet governments throughout the world (including Ireland) promote and fund these artificial methods of ‘creating’ human beings, in total opposition to the plan that God laid down for the human race.