Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US Presidential Election

The United States of America may seem a long way away from us – but what happens in that great nation inevitably produces repercussions throughout the entire world.
As we know, one of the many problems in the US at present is the question of who will be the next president there.   We know, too, that the present incumbent is probably the most anti-life and anti-family president to have held that office.    Should we, therefore, be concerned as to whether Barack Obama will or will not succeed in being elected for another term of office as president of America?   Undoubtedly we should be concerned.    But what, as non-American citizens, can we do?    Well, we can pray – for a start – that someone with concern for the most vulnerable member of the human family, the unborn child, will win the election.
We can keep ourselves informed on events in the US, and we could perhaps encourage friends and relatives in America to follow the campaign messages of, and support, genuinely pro-life and pro-family candidates.   After all, the family is universally recognised as the basic unit that is fundamental to the good of society, and the right to life – in particular, the right to life of the unborn child – is the most basic of all human rights.
Brian Burch, of Catholic Online, has provided some material produced by Rick Santorum, who achieved a very credible second place in the recent Iowa ‘primaries’.  Here are some extracts from that material:
It’s Now or Never for Conservative voters.  We can either unite now behind one candidate and have a conservative standard bearer in 2012, or have the GOP establishment choose another moderate Republican who will have a difficult time defeating Barack Obama in November.
I don’t think that’s what you want.  Neither do I.  My name is Rick Santorum, and I am the only authentic, passionate conservative who can unite the GOP.  […]
We shocked the world last night in Iowa.  We did it with a coalition of conservatives, Tea Party members, and values voters who recognized that my successful conservative record gives the GOP the best chance to defeat Barack Obama.  […]
I will be the most conservative President since Ronald Reagan.  […]
As a conservative U.S. Senator from the swing state of Pennsylvania, I led the overhaul of welfare that moved millions from welfare to work.  I authored the bill banning partial-birth abortion,  […]
If you want a President who will stand up for conservative values, who is consistent on the issues, and who has a record to back it up, then I need you to join my campaign. 

Something to think about.