Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Hungarian pro-family legislation

The Hungarian Parliament on 23 December 2011passed an Act on the Protection of the Family by a huge majority.

The new Hungarian law now in force since the beginning of January (2012) calls for the adoption of a cardinal act on the protection of families. Whilst this act is in preparation guiding principle were laid down as the foundation of a stable, and long-term family policy.

Protection of the family, marriage and childbearing are basic conditions for the sustainability of Hungarian society and since they constitute immeasurable value, and worth to the nation are all reflected in the new law.

The Act not only serves as a legal basis for the protection of families, but conveys important messages on the role of family in the society as well. The Act improves the reconciliation of family and work commitments and ensures long-term security and predictability for parents:  in the event of  any proposed alteration in family support regulations, a 1 year transition period must be guaranteed to bridge the time span until any new regulations enter into force – unless the change is a positive one, a change for the better.

One of the principles of the Act now the Fundamental Law of Hungary is intergenerational solidarity and the Act therefore pays attention on the elderly members of the family.

The Hungarian Government has stressed the importance of protection and support of the family and has therefore proposed that the European Union should devote 2014 as the European Year of Families during the Hungarian EU Presidency.

The Hungarian Government however have been under pressure from the EU because of the new Act