Friday, April 13, 2012

Pro-life protest in Dublin in opposition to private members bill which seeks to introduce abortion

A large group of pro-lifers, organised by Youth Defence gathered outside Leinster house, the Dail (Irish Parliament) in Kildare Street yesterday Thursday April 12th
This event took place ahead of a debate scheduled for the Dáil on a Private Members Bill, which seeks to legalise abortion, tabled by Socialist Party TD Clare Daly and independent deputy Mick Wallace.

The following statement was issued by Irish Media Review (IMR).
This Bill is being put before the Dáil this week by the Socialist Party TD, Clare Daly. It supersedes the more honestly-named Abortion Bill, and appears to be in anticipation of a similar approach by the Labour Party.

The proposed Socialist Party Bill was discussed recently at a public meeting at the Gresham Hotel. A speaker at the top table was the SBP columnist, Mr Vincent Browne. His comments left little doubt as to where he stood in his support of the proposals.

However, Vincent Browne must surely be aware that:

Abortion is not medical treatment. Women in Ireland are not denied genuine medical treatments during pregnancy. There is a need to distinguish between an attack on the child, and the life–saving medical treatment of mother and child.
The words "abortion" and "medical treatment" (in this context) are thus euphemisms for the deliberate taking of unborn human life (TUHL), more commonly known a murder.
The proposals have much to do with the consequences of sexual pleasure, and nothing to do with medical treatment.

Ireland, without abortion, is the safest place in the world for a mother to have a baby, according to the UN.
If the Socialist Party are serious in their attempt to exchange TUHL for lower standards in pregnancy, what exactly have they in mind to then say to pregnant mothers?

The European Court of Human Rights places Ireland under no obligation to legalise the deliberate taking of unborn human life.