Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Congress of Families May 25-27th

In case you have not heard of the World Congress of Families… This is the inter-confessional gathering of  pro-family scholars, leaders and activists from all over the world.  This year  it will be held in Madrid.
You will meet people who have been taking active part for years in the cultural battle in favor of the family.  You can now register for the World Congress of Families VI – Madrid 2012, which will be held in Madrid from 25 to 27 May.  
The World Congress of Families is one of the most important gatherings of pro-life and pro-family experts and leaders. Organized by more than 30 civic entities from five continents, including Spain's, the Congress has been held at Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004), Warsaw (2007) and Amsterdam (2009). 
If marriage, the family and the right to life matter to you; if you believe that only a society with values will be in a position to emerge strengthened from the current  crisis; if you wish to learn of the ideas and initiatives that are driving a rebirth of the family in the world: if you wish to listen to and converse with the best specialists in the promotion of the family and the right to life, don´t miss being with your family at the VI World Congress of Families, in Madrid from 25th to the  27th of this coming May.