Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Australian Father of seven will Spend 8 Months in Jail for Protecting the Unborn

Anthony Perez of Pro-life Philippines asks how far will a man’s convictions take him?
In the case of Graham Preston, 56, he will have to spend the next 8 months locked up because of his convictions. Preston was convinced that abortion is murder, and he did his best in order to live up to his pro-life beliefs. What he did was to stage non-violent protests in front of abortion clinics around Brisbane. 
He was then faced with a difficult decision: pay the fines he incurred for those protests, or face time in prison. For Preston, the choice is obvious: imprisonment it is.

Preston refuses to pay the fines on principle, arguing that trying to save the innocent from harm should not be regarded as criminal behavior.

Nor was it an easy choice to make. Two years ago, Preston wrote on his website: “Going to jail is of course not a desirable thing, either for the person who does so, or for their family who may be very directly negatively affected. Yet our conviction is that this is probably an unavoidable part of seeing the value of all human lives given proper recognition. When anyone pays a very high price for something, it makes everyone ask the question, is it worth it? That is what we want our society to be asking, what are preborn babies worth? We want to say that babies’ lives are worth a person’s, or even many persons’, freedom.”
This is not Preston’s first time to be imprisoned. Ten years ago, he started a group called Protect Life and has endured more than ten months in jail over five separate jail-terms ever since – mostly in Brisbane’s maximum security Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.
His family, though distraught over Graham’s imprisonment, is proud of him nonetheless. His wife Liz says of him: “I have immense respect for Graham. He is a very courageous person who has my full support in these actions. Facing the prospect of having Graham in jail for eight months is quite daunting -  however we have always realized that challenging the abortion culture would be costly and we have tried to not allow the potential cost prevent us from doing what we believe is right.”
Graham’s daughter Frances, 18, said: “I have a lot of respect for my Dad and how he takes his convictions seriously; I hope I can live as consistent a life as his. Of course I will miss him, and I will visit him as often as possible.”
Courageous as Graham is, this is also a lesson for all Pro-Lifers in the Philippines to always be vigilant against anti-life legislation. As it is with the other countries who have adopted an anti-life stance and have espoused contraception and abortion, our government, once it legalizes abortion, will do all it can to protect this ‘right’ to terminate one’s own child. Will we put to prison our own countrymen for fighting for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves?
The RH Bill, once legalized, will open the floodgates to such abnormities like abortion and the legalization of same sex unions.  Let us just say NO.