Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proposed legal challenge to referendum result

Kathy Sinnott writes
We are working on mounting a challenge to the recent referendum. Ideally we would establish that the result was not valid.

In pursuing a serious legal challenge we can, even if we don't achieve the ideal, at least achieve fairer more balanced referendums in the future, giving us a fighting chance of counter those that are

The government has a string of referendums lined up, anti-sovereignty, anti life, anti-family, anti-democracy, anti-religious It is now obvious that even in the face of a serious threat to children and the family, we can no longer count on an organised, properly funded opposition to mount a NO campaign. Yet we have seen that voters respond given even a minimum of opposition providing true information.

Any challenge to the recent referendum must happen in the next few days.

For this we need:
1. Money.  The referendum petition fee is 5,000 punts and a pro bono legal team will need funds upfront to commission expert opinions to support the legal arguments. These funds must be identified this week if the case is to go ahead. Our request is that people will pledge whatever they can immediately and should the challenge proceed honour those pledges over the next two weeks. Should costs be awarded at the end of the challenge, we hope that donations can be returned.

2. Active participation. Information gathering and analysis, already some of you are gathering evidence and extracting important lessons and patterns from it.

3. Prayers and Support!

Given the McCrystal decision and the strength of the arguments that are emerging, we can challenge the referendum with a reasonable expectation of some level of success. The alternative, not trying, is
to hand over the constitution to government and let them do what they like, when they like, with it.

Please help generously and without delay.

God Bless
Kathy Sinnott