Wednesday, November 28, 2012

''United Pro Life'' Vigil next Tuesday December 4th at 4.30 outside Dail Eireann;

Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny has appeared to cave in to the incessant demands of the Labour Party to legislate for abortion availability based on the so called “X-case''. It has also been reported that Kenny has told his backbenchers they must vote in favour of the legislation. Despite seriously held views and conscientious objection by many of the major government party deputies there will not be a free vote. 
The whole affair from the appointment of the so called 'Expert group’ to the delivery of its report and the aftermath has been an example of cynical choreography by the abortion lobby and their Government allies to deliver access to abortion.
The Government is now intent on legislating for abortion despite the promises made by Enda Kenny before the last election.

In response to this distressing news all pro-life groups are jointly promoting a pro-life vigil under the banner Unite for Life. There will be no name of any group on the day, just a 'unite for life' vigil and all pro-life people are not only welcome but are encouraged to come and bring their friends. We want to show our politicians that their current strategy is completely unacceptable
Unite for Life Vigil Tue 4th Dec 4.30pm at the Dáil
Please make every effort to attend. This cannot be stressed enough. It will most likely be the only opportunity we get to send a united message to the Government not to introduce abortion. The vigil will have a positive, clear message about safeguarding the lives of mothers and babies in pregnancy. Posters will be provided on the day.

Please, please spread the word to family, friends and anyone you know.
For more details and bus information contact: Claire 0872668702 or Katie 0877020255.
See you @ 4.30pm sharp on Tues 4th.

Please promote this widely and ask your local parish to carry the notice in the blue text in your parish newsletter. Please share with all groups...or other contacts