Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catholic Church says Irish Government claims on the need for abortion legislation "untrue"

The Irish Times reports on a recent initiative of the Catholic Church in Ireland and highlights a pamphlet which directly contradicts the Government claims on the need to legislate for abortion and says the Government claim that there is no change to the law on abortion is ‘untrue’.

A newsletter being circulated by the Catholic Communications Office at Maynooth says it is “untrue” to state “that there is no change to the law on abortion in Ireland” being planned by the Government. 
It adds: “If there was no change this legislation (Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill) would not have been published. The proposed legislation gives practical effect to the X case decision which permits abortion up to birth where suicide is threatened. Ireland is about to cross a fundamental moral rubicon – the direct and intentional killing of the innocent.”

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