Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eggsploitation in Ireland

We have previously reported on the issue of fertility firms targeting women and paying them for egg donation a practice that has been tagged as "eggsploitation".

In what can only be described as a new attempt at “eggsploitation” this time in Ireland an advertisment was placed in the Irish Times by a fertility firm inviting women to a ‘free donor egg seminar’. There is no doubt but that this seminar is being arranged to target Irish women for egg donation.
The following is the text of the advertisement
Cork Fertility Centre in collaboration with Shady Grove Fertility invite you to a free Donor Egg Seminar presented by Dr. John Waterstone and Dr. Gilbert Mottla. Our Donor Egg Programme allows patients to access the exceptional services provided locally by Cork Fertility Centre and the vast donor egg database available only at Shady Grove Fertility. Join us for an opportunity to meet with the donor egg teams to discuss the benefits of seeking treatment through our unique partnership.

Monday, Oct 28th, The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin 2, 19:00
Tuesday, Oct 29th, The River Lee Hotel, Cork, 19:00
young women are often unaware of the risks of egg donation, donors have to take drugs to stimulate egg production, and complications may cause future infertility or even death in rare cases.

Women are usually told that egg donation is a safe procedure, when the reality is decidedly unsafe. No young woman should be used in procedures that jeopardize her own fertility -- indeed her own life -- in order to line the pockets of those who promote the infertility industry's human egg trade.

The Eggsploitation documentary spotlights three women who went through the egg donation process -- including high doses of fertility drugs and egg retrieval surgery. The young women's stories, are a "wake-up call" for those who are unaware of the complications that can result from the "highly unregulated, multi-billion-dollar" infertility industry. All three of the women in the documentary nearly died from the "complications associated with their egg donation." One suffered a stroke that left her brain damaged; another developed breast cancer, and the other developed a health problem associated with ovarian hyper-stimulation.

The human egg donation industry is shameless in claiming safety for the procedure as they solicit young college women through appeals to their vanity, claiming that the girls' attractiveness, IQ, or genetic traits warrant a high payment for participation in what they call a 'humanitarian' act.

The disastrous implications of the practice are set out on the "Eggsploitation" website