Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Left reveals an ugly face at pro-life rally

An Australian Newspaper the Herald Sun reported on October 13th, on the appalling behaviour of pro-abortionists who set out to deliberately confront a pro-life rally in Melbourne last Saturday.
CHANTING socialists and feminists on Saturday stormed up to Parliament House to confront 3000 anti-abortion activists gathered there.

Now, remember what socialists claim: they are kinder and more moral. More sharing and caring.

Remember what feminists claim: they want women treated equally. Want mutual respect.

But here is what I saw.

I saw those Socialist Alliance protesters and feminists for hours shout down, blockade, hit, abuse and destroy the property of citizens, priests included, trying to peacefully express a different point of view - that killing babies in the womb is wrong.

I saw socialists and feminists yanking signs from the hands of women older than themselves and destroying their balloons, as if those women had no right to speak and no right to their own property.

I saw some socialists and feminists push police and shove and hit anti-abortionists. One politician was hit with an egg; another was allegedly kicked.

I saw a socialist wearing a "F... Tony Abbott" T-shirt.

I saw one feminist screaming hysterically in the face of someone trying to speak to her.

Some anti-abortionists possibly retaliated, but the police knew who was causing the trouble, and their lines faced the socialists and feminists, to protect the anti-abortionists behind them.

In this demonstration I saw socialists and feminists betray almost every principle they profess to hold.

I saw them treat women with contempt and fellow citizens with force. I saw them deny others their right to free movement and speech. I saw them counter reason with abuse.

The Left has been long presented by schools, universities and media outlets, especially the ABC, as people who are "progressive" and "compassionate".

The Left I saw on Saturday is instead the natural home of the totalitarian and the bully. And that's without considering that today's socialists and feminists also endorse the killing of healthy unborn infants just weeks before birth.

None of this is new, of course. Most of the worst modern tyrannies, from the French Revolution to the Cambodian genocide, were led by the Left. The greatest attacks on our free speech have come from Labor, a party of so-called idealists.

But as British philosopher Bertrand Russell famously noted: "Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power."

We saw that in Melbourne on Saturday. They call themselves progressives. They are instead barbarians, so sure of their goodness they feel licensed to do evil.