Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Controversial Estrela report rejected by European Parliament

The European Parliament today rejected the highly controversial Estrela Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.  Two alternative texts were proposed and the second one amendment 2 was adopted by 334 votes to 327 with 35 abstentions. The fact that amendment 2 was approved meant that the original report was therefore defeated.

This result is an important victory for common sense and a victory for democracy that shows the vital importance of standing together. The cooperation of like-minded groups led to the defeat of this radical agenda.  The will of the majority held sway over the voices of anti-life and family MEP’s and pressure groups, responsible for the writing of the report, and who refused to make any significant changes to it even when it was sent back to the FEMM committee by the Parliament.

The Estrela report and resolution would not have been binding but nevertheless would, if approved, have represented a significant statement by the Parliament for the future and it also included areas beyond the competence of the EU and which are reserved for Member States, such as parental rights, sexual education, human dignity and freedom of conscience. 
The report also contained a declaration of a human right to abortion

This is just one battle in a war on life and family and we have to be alert because those who seek to impose their values on us, never rest, we need to be vigilant, there will inevitably be a counter attack, initially using the media. We are aware of another equally bad draft report known as the ‘Lunacek Report’ which is already in the pipeline.

LINK to DRAFT REPORT PR\1006230EN.doc PE521.599v01-00
On the EU Roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity (2013/2183(INI))