Friday, December 13, 2013

The consequences of casual sex

The Irish Independent reports that there is a huge increase in the number of women seeking post abortion counseling from the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA).
Bearing in mind previous rhetoric from pro-abortion sources, which claimed there was no need for post abortion counseling this is significant. It was probably inevitable that IFPA would try to counter the excellent counseling available from pro-life sources rather than allow it to be the ‘only show in town’.

It is also evident from the report that the current permissive approach to sex education continues to be an abysmal failure with STI rates reaching record highs in 2011, a 300% increase since recording began in 1995. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital herpes reached their highest incidence rates, increasing by 19pc, 33pc and 44pc respectively.

Elsewhere there are reports of significant increases in the HIV/AIDS statistics for 2011
          320 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011.
          235 were male and 85 were female.
          8.8% of HIV infections were in 15‐24 year olds.
          The highest proportion of new diagnoses in 2011 
            (42.5%) were among men who have sex with men 
          Heterosexual contact accounted for 34% of new 
           diagnoses. Among the heterosexual cases, 43% were 
           among individuals originating from countries with 
           generalised epidemics, 
           11% had a high‐risk partner or a partner known to be 
           HIV positive and 7% had a partner originating from a 
           country with a generalised epidemic.
          5% of new diagnoses were among Injecting Drug Users 
          Three Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) cases 
            were diagnosed.
          Ireland was reported as the country of birth for 119 new 
           diagnoses (37.3%) and sub‐Saharan Africa for 57 cases 
           (17.8%).  The number of diagnoses among people born 
            in sub‐Saharan Africa has declined from193 in 2003 to 
            57 in 2011.

The tragedy faced by young people arises from, and is compounded by, the advice they are given by those who should know better.  There is, and always has been, a time tested method of avoiding all of this, involving abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage. It is a tragedy that sex education continues to go in the opposite direction.