Friday, December 20, 2013

Reilly signs order to commence legalized killing of the unborn from January 1st

According to the Irish Independent health Minister Dr James Reilly has signed the order to bring the controversial abortion law into operation from January 1 2014 a day that go down in infamy.

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy act was passed by the Oireachtas consisting of both houses of the Irish Parliament last July and signed into law by President Michael D Higgins. But it required a commencement order from Dr Reilly to take effect.

It is understood that the commencement of the law was due to the need to publish regulations. The independent however reports that the delay occurred in order to establish a review panel to deal with applications for termination of pregnancy.
This could be more accurately described as termination of unborn babies lives

In what is clearly an assault on their right to conscientious objection 25 hospitals in the State have been listed to carry out abortions irrespective of whether medical personnel are willing to do so or not.