Monday, October 27, 2008

Call to burn churches

Saint Mary Magdalen carries an alarming post about the behaviour of Spanish feminists rallying in suppot of the death ship run by Women on Waves. When the WOW ship docked at Valencia, a group of feminists handed out boxes of matches to supporters with the message "the only church that gives light is the church that burns: join us!"

The last year has seen a marked increase in attacks on the Church, particularly attacks intended to hurt Christians very personally, from spitting at people praying to desecrating consecrated hosts, and in many ways this is just another example of the hate and violence at the heart of the abortion lobby. Except that actively encouraging the burning of churches and the loss of life this could involve is particularly barbaric even for them. It has horrible echoes of the early stages of genocidal campaigns against religious groups in the not so distant past.

Fortunately, the pro-aborts with their matches were outnumbered by pro-life activists 4:1 and were forced to disband. To be positive, extremist antics like this help the pro-life movement by exposing the true colours of the abortion lobby and rallying opposition. Give them enough rope and they have a tendency to hang themselves.