Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scouts to promote condoms

The Scouts are to start giving young people sex advice, including handing out condoms, organising trips to sex clinics and referring teenagers to pro-abortion agencies such as FPA. They are using the usual mantra of self-justification: "We must be realistic and accept that around a third of young people are sexually active before 16," explains Chief Scout Peter Duncan. They could try and be realistic about why so many young people are sexually active, the possibility that field trips to sex clinics, free condoms and other gimmicks are fuelling the very problem the Scouts claim to want to address.

Norman Wells, director of Family and Youth Concern, pointed out: "Learning about contraception in local Scout groups gives the impression that young people are expected to be sexually active and that there is nothing wrong with teenage sexual experimentation."

This is a very sad move for young people and well-meaning individuals like Peter Duncan don't seem to see it. There are fewer and fewer places of real safety and innocence left to young people where they can enjoy themselves and engage in positive, worthy activities. In the name teaching children to be 'safe' and 'responsible', the Scouts are destroying yet another place of safety for children.

A tragic way to celebrate 100 years of the Scouting movement.