Monday, October 6, 2008

Justice for two murder victims - a woman and her unborn child

An Italian Judge has made legal history by sentencing a man to three additional years imprisonment for killing his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child. Roberto Di Giacomo battered Veronica Figueroa to death and hid her body because she repeatedly refused to abort their child. Judge Guiseppe Gennari made it clear that, on top of the 24-year sentence Di Giacomo received, he was giving him the extra years for the offence of killing his unborn child.

As always when a terrible injustice is inflicted upon a woman who refuses to end the life of her unborn child, the feminists and the abortion-peddlers are keeping very quiet. The very people who are usually so vocal about 'a woman's right to choose', have very little to say when a woman chooses life and pays with her own. Whether it is Post-Abortion Trauma and other medical complications, coercive and forced abortion or a case such as the above, the determination to portray abortion in a uniformally positive light is such that when the facts get in the way, they just have to be ignored.