Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marie Stopes funding stopped

USAID has made the decision to stop funding Marie Stopes International, one of the biggest international promoters and providers of abortion, because of its role in China's coercive population control policy. Steve Mosher of Population Research Institute stated that MSI's “aggressive promotion of abortion, and its longstanding collaboration with China's coercive program leave little doubt that it is not only aware of the massive human rights abuses that have resulted in that country, but is actively collaborating with it.”

It is almost unbearable to witness the self-righteous behaviour of these organisations when their collaboration with human rights abuses is exposed, the denials and counter-accusations, usually with the backing of the media. It is probably too much to hope that groups like Marie Stopes and UNFPA will do the decent thing, come clean and issue a formal apology to the women whose rights they have wilfully ignored whilst having the hypocrisy to campaign in their name. Much too much to hope.