Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New attempt to create a so called right to abortion

On 2 October next, on the very day when the people of Ireland are being bullied into voting – again, for the second time – on the ratification of the EU Treaty of Lisbon, the other european institution the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will vote on a pro-abortion report (‘Document 11992’) entitled ‘Fifteen years since the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action’. The Committee of Ministers are being encouraged to start the development of a European Convention ‘to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by 2015’. (Please see more about this on www.spuc-director.blogspot.com, 19 September 2009)

Now, we all know that it is acknowledged that ‘reproductive health and rights’ is the culture of death code word for ‘abortion’. It doesn’t sound as bad as saying ‘abortion’, but that’s what it is. Abortion is not about health, it is not a human right and never can be. On the contrary it is a human wrong, it is the slaughter of the innocent

Here is yet another example of the ‘creeping agenda’ of the pro-abortion/anti-life/anti-family agencies in the European Institutions, be it the Council of Europe or the European Union. Recently, I outlined the situation in Lithuania, when an EU Parliament motion censuring that country for daring to incorporate into their national laws a prohibition on the promotion of pornography, homosexuality, etc., for young people, and in schools, was carried by a majority of 349 to 218 votes by European parliamentarians, with 46 abstentions.
And, at the beginning of this year, the Catania Report (promoting abortion, and homosexual unions, etc. throughout the European Union) was comfortably passed in the European Parliament.

Back to Ireland, and the Treaty of Lisbon – of what worth are the so-called guarantees on the right to life (of the unborn?), the family, taxation, etc. These guarantees, promised by the Heads of State of the EU, are supposed to come into effect sometime in 2010, or 2011 maybe, when they will be attached as a Protocol to some future accession treaty – perhaps that of Croatia. But the guarantees are not binding in EU law, and they don’t change one jot of the Treaty of Lisbon. It’s the same Treaty that was rejected by the Irish people last year, and virtually the same document as the Constitution for Europe that was rejected by the French and Dutch people in 2005.

Something to think seriously about.