Monday, September 7, 2009

SPUC Annual Conference

We reported last week that the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children SPUC (UK) had scheduled their annual conference for last week-end, September 4th to 6th.
The conference was a resounding success with members of International Right to Life IRTL and other international speakers in attendance, who shared on the pro-life fight in countries across the globe.

The presentations included Dr. Talmir Rodrigues a Federal Deputy from Brazil, Francisco and Fenny Tatad who gave an eye-opening account of the ongoing battle in the Philippines, Chiang Lim CEO NSW Right to Life who shared on the battle in Australia. Dr. Jack Willke Life Issues Institute and President of the IRTF, William Saunders VP Americans United for Life and the Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath Life Issues Institute told us about the current state of the battle in the United States and Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition Canada shared on the current Canadian experience.

Excellent posts on the various presentations have been placed on SPUC director, John Smeaton’s BLOG

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