Thursday, September 3, 2009

UN Indoctrination of Children

This story chilled me to the bone. The latest UN attempt to indoctrinate children into a warped ideology of sex reads like something out of a futuristic horror story, somewhere between Huxley's Brave New World and Benson's Lord of the World.

According to the article on Mercatornet:

The UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has decided that, “in a world affected by HIV and AIDS”, it is “imperative” to teach children as young as 5 about masturbation as well as “gender roles, stereotypes and gender-based violence”.

By the time they're 9 years old, they'll learn about "positive and negative effects of 'aphrodisiacs," and wrestle with the ideas of "homophobia, transphobia and abuse of power."

At 12, they'll learn the "reasons for" abortions — but they'll already have known about their safety for three years. When they're 15, they'll be exposed to direct "advocacy to promote the right to and access to safe abortion."

This is Soviet-style indoctrination, pure and simple. It is not enough that a minority of western countries have been abusing their children through explicit sex education for years, the United Nations appears to want to inflict an extreme form of sex education onto the world's children. As a UN lobbyist it is my duty, alongside my colleagues, to resist any attempt to harm or corrupt innocent children. The nation states of the world need to give this scheme a resounding NO.