Monday, September 21, 2009

Take more children into care: Barnardo's Chief Executive

The Chief Executive of Barnardo’s (U.K.) says that more new-born children should be taken into care in order to stop them being ‘damaged beyond repair’ by poor parents. He wants less focus on ‘fixing families that can’t be fixed’, and he considers that social workers should be more pro-active in removing children ‘at risk’ from their parents.

Who decides that children are ‘at risk’, one wonders?

The Barnardo’s man is quoted as saying that: ‘If we really cared about the interests of the child, we would take children away as babies and put them into permanent adoptive families, where we know they will have the best possible outcome.’

Barnardo’s is backed up by the former director general of the Prison Service in the UK, who added his support to the proposal by stating that: ‘…My own view is that we just need to take more children into care if we really want to put the interests of the child first.’

Really? Wouldn’t it be far more sensible, and just, to try to help families rather than breaking them up?

[Source: Mail Online, 6.9.2009]