Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Annual Pro-Life Marches

January is the prime month for pro-life marches and walks and we report here on some that occurred last weeked and others which are planned for the coming weekend

To commemorate the Roe v.Wade judgement in 1973, when abortion was legalised in the United States, it is reported that approximately 12,000 Canadians gathered in Ottawa last Thursday for a rally and march against legalised abortion in Canada. The event, which included eighteen members of the Canadian parliament, was also publicly supported by Canada’s Catholic bishops, with at least twelve bishops celebrating a number of Masses during the course of the day. Last year’s March for Life was the first time that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops gave its official support.

United States
Leaders of pro-life groups from across the world are coming to the U.S. this week to join their American colleagues at the annual March for Life. They are hoping to draw inspiration from the hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates who will attend and to learn new strategies to stop abortions.

The pro-life advocates will come from as far away as Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and island nations to stand in solidarity with their American brothers and sisters and protest the radical expansion of abortion under President Barack Obama.
Joseph Meaney of HLI told lifenews "America's March for Life is now the world's March for Life,"..."It has become the world's pro-life protest because of the aggressive promotion of abortion and population control that is now official policy of the United States, thanks to the administration of President Barack Obama,"

Again remembering Roe v. Wade, in Denver, Colorado, the Annual Respect Life Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Chaput in the Cathedral Basilica of Denver on 16 January, and Pro-Vitae Awards and 7th and 8th grade students’ Respect Life Essay Contest Awards were presented. On Friday next, 22 January, following Mass in the Cathedral Basilica in Denver, the Colorado Right to Life March for Life will take place, and the lead actor of the ‘Bella’ film, Eduardo Verastegui, will speak on the occasion.

Thousands of pro-life advocates joined together to protest the massive new abortion business in Houston, Texas that appears to be the largest abortion facility of its kind in the nation. This six-story Planned Parenthood abortion "super center" is located in the middle of four minority neighborhoods. see Lifenews .com

Thousands of Texans attended a rally and march in Dallas this Saturday, protesting legalized abortion and marking the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade through prayer and peaceful public witness.
The day began with a rosary prayed in front of a Dallas abortion facility, before turning to a special Mass with Bishop Jevin J. Farrell of Dallas and Bishop Kevin W. Vann of Fort Worth. About 2,500 people attended. see Lifesite news.com

we reported last week in advance of the Paris march which was held on Saturday and Sunday last in protest at the current French abortion regime which terminates the lives of some 210,000 babies annually and has killed approximately 7,000,000 (7M) babies in 35 years. see SPUC report on the Paris march

These days of prayer and penance are ‘for an end to abortion, protection for unborn children, and support for women and families in crisis.’

Many Hierarchies across Europe are taking part in similar events, but it would be very encouraging if not just many – but ALL – Hierarchies would become involved in this way.