Monday, January 4, 2010

The morning-after pill

A letter in the London Independent, 2 January 2010, under the heading ‘A bitter pill to swallow’ which was written in response to an article by Liz Hogard, “A morning-after pill is best served without a sermon” (29 December), makes interesting reading.
The letter writer says:
‘It was with a heavy heart that I read the article from Liz Hogard, “A morning-after pill is best served without a sermon” (29 December). I find her attitude to abortion disturbing, not to say frightening.
‘The idea that young women who find themselves pregnant should have the immediate facility to abort the new life in them, by use of Levonelle 1500, without having to think or care further about the consequences of their actions is bad enough, but then to expect everyone around them, including the pharmacist, to be forced to silently endorse the same total lack of moral awareness or responsibility, is a sad comment on our society….

The letter continues

‘What I see now in the UK is the State gradually arrogating to itself the right to decide whether something is right or wrong, and doing its level best to stifle debate, which is never a healthy state of affairs. Left to itself, the State has no moral scruples, as the lessons of the 20th century teach us, in the history of the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, Cambodia, and so on. …’

The complete letter is worth reading