Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Viewers will choose outcome of women with unintended pregnancies in new series

In what has to be a new low in online interaction, Yellow Line Studio have announced a new webcast series that will focus on the fictional stories of three women who face unintended pregnancies. It will allow viewers to choose how the characters' stories will end for the final episode. see Catholic Newsagency (CNA) report

The idea of inviting viewers to decide how each of the unintended pregnancies should end, is bizarre to say the least and is rather reminiscent of the concept of Romans deciding the fate of gladiators in the Coliseum arena for their pleasure. under the circumstances it is a relief to know that the stories are fictional.

Yellow Line Studio said the premiere of BUMP + would be Friday, Jan. 22. Thirteen episodes will follow in February and March, the California Catholic Daily reports
and quotes the series' executive producer Dominic Iocco as saying.
"From Juno and Bella to Glee and Desperate Housewives, a woman's right to choose has been explored across the media landscape,"

Iocco continued
"What makes BUMP + different from the others is that we're letting the viewers decide how our characters' stories will end. We've opened the official website to comments and our team will craft the final episodes based on audience feedback. Their choice really is up to you. "

Series co-executive producer Christopher Riley said the series was inspired by President Barack Obama's May 2009 commencement speech to graduates at Notre Dame