Monday, January 11, 2010

Obama Administration anti-life agenda

There are some people who still are not aware of the pro-abortion/anti-life agenda of President Barack Obama of the United States, and the Clinton family – particularly Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

To learn more about Mrs. Clinton’s most recent manifestation of her plans to promote abortion I would strongly recommend that you read John Smeaton’s blog for 9 January 2010 (

Reading this blog, and in conjunction with his blog for 8 January 2010 – which gives a review of a book entitled Cultures of Abortion in Weimar Germany – will send shivers down your spine, in fact many shivers.

Readers might also wish to go to to learn about Barack Obama’s latest proposed appointees as district court judges. Because of Senate Republicans blocking their nominations on the last occasion, two Obama nominees – both of them being abortion advocates – were unsuccessful. However, it is reported that, unfortunately, Barack Obama will again put these two people forward for appointment. One of the two is a former attorney for the pro-abortion legal group ACLU.