Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are some of Spain's Socialists turning against the "Zapatero Project"?

The following piece appears on the Iona Catholic blog, and bearing in mind the anti life and family agenda of the current Zapatero project which is being imposed on Spanish society it makes for very interesting reading:
Left wing Spanish political group, Solidarity, has issued a press release explaining that its ideology has led it to defend the right to life of the unborn from conception to natural death, in clear opposition to abortion.
In its statement, Solidarity said, ‘We are socialists and we oppose abortion and its legalisation.  We oppose all attacks on life: the death penalty, torture, hunger, the arms race, war, slavery,’ Catholic News Agency reports.
The group called abortion ‘an odious act of violence carried out against the unborn and against mothers.’
‘With such a “pseudo-progressive” measure as abortion advocacy a so-called socialist party, headed by Zapatero, has explicitly put forward a neoliberal political and economic capitalist program,’ the statement said.
The statement later indicated that ‘the womb of the mother should be the most protected place in nature.  Society must also protect children and mothers before and after birth.’
One of the members of the group, Jesus Berenger, 41, explained, ‘I am part of the left and the left before used to defend life, the weakest, but now the parties are driven by their interests.  I defend the dignity of the person.  I am against hunger, exploitation and abortion, which is murder.’

A very important book was published in 2010 by Ignacio Arsuaga and Miguel Vidal Santos, titled
"The Zapatero Project. Chronicle of an Assault on Society". The book deals with the New Spanish Revolution: How socialists under Zapatero are reshaping Spain.

Zapatero’s originally hidden agenda was aimed at profoundly changing Spain in the ideological, cultural, legislative, social and political fields. “The change we invoke,” Zapatero acknowledged, “goes far beyond a mere change in government. The change is the transformation of society.”

The Zapatero Project shows that this transformation represents a new totalitarianism involving the brainwashing of children, the destruction of the family, the denial of the right to life, the eviction of the Catholic Church from the public square and the deconstruction of the nation.
However the elements of this project are not limited to Spain. The same secularist program is being pushed by many European governments and by many elected and non-elected bodies of the European Union.

Like Mr Zapatero, they aim at a legal and social order “inspired by philosophical and political systems which call for strict control, if not a monopoly, of the state over society"