Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Says Dana Rosemary Scallon

There is a real crisis of trust, a crisis of fear and a crisis of confidence in almost every home.  “Middle Ireland” is reeling from mismanagement of those who profiteer. 
Governments have failed us, politicians have failed us and banks have failed us. We are in a time of crisis for families. We need to start looking after each other first before we look after the bondholders, banks and speculators. Families are suffering as jobs are lost, house values tumble and bills soar.
I will offer a Presidency that upholds values, trust, equity and fairness; one that supports the families of Ireland and ensures the most vulnerable are listened to. I will ensure that no government will be allowed to pull the wool over the eyes of the Irish people, subject families to penal times, facilitate a bail out foreign banks, speculators and the elite, or undermine our Constitution,” concluded Dana Rosemary Scallon.
Dana appearing on the Late Late show last Friday night promised as President to uphold the Constitution which is in fact vitally important at a time when the Government is setting up a Constitutional Convention and threatening to make significant changes to it

This theme was also reflected by Dublin's Archbishop Martin over the weekend when he made the following statement.

Our Constitution, Bunreacht na hEireann, is sometimes presented just as a fossilised child of its time; within its limitations, it has proven to be a document which was ably capable of guaranteeing rights and curbing power – including the power of the State - and has fostered a valuable culture of legal interpretation which has served the people of Ireland well. 
The Constitutional Convention which is to be launched soon must be a moment of true discernment. Renewal does not always mean discontinuity. Tradition is not outdated each new day. True values are different to fashion, where the fashion of the day can tomorrow be quickly out of fashion. Values must be rooted somewhere. They must represent a constant in society and what society aspires to.