Friday, October 21, 2011


The following is the text of a letter by Jim Clair on the reasons he will vote for Dana Rosemary Scallon as the next president of Ireland

This Presidential election is the last chance the people will have to retain the right of self-determination. For that very reason we need a President who will put the people first, someone without political allegiance, someone who knows what is happening in the world of politics and someone who will not turn away from the task of protecting our values, families, right to life, the right to matters of faith, belief in God and the people’s sovereign right of self determination and having the final say in all matters.

Only Dana has warned where the country is going. Only Dana will stop the ebb of power from the people to the political system and the political elite. The night before Dana was elected MEP she was told by D4 media she would lose her deposit. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. A vote for Dana is a vote for YOUR future.

Dana is a successful entrepreneur, a mother and wife who has managed a very successful career across the globe, including countries such as Japan, USA, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria,  Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Throughout her career she has been in an ambassadorial role and is one of the few people instantly recognised by her first name - Dana, as is Bono and Elvis,

Transient politicians promise many things that they neither can nor will deliver. We are at a time of change, with many questions remaining unanswered. Where are we going as a nation? Why is there such a rush to abandon the values that have sustained us throughout the dark ages?  Why should we put our trust in media that wants to decide for us or in political parties who are governed by spin-doctors and financial institutions such as the banks, ECB and IMF?

Our biggest problem is the breakdown in support for the traditional family, which leaves many looking to a false value system. As a result this can lead to hopelessness and depression, emigration of our young people and social ills which drug and alcohol abuse or even the worst of all - suicides. Many would rather not think about some of these problems but sooner or later these problems impact on all of the community.

Secularism is a real and present danger, which will lead to a society which will crumble and decay from within.  Euthanasia is already accepted in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland for the old, sick, infirm and handicapped. Ireland is unique in its protection of life. The Christian principles and values, as contained in Ireland’s Constitution, ensures everyone is valued at every stage in life.

Six of the candidates are supportive of “modernizing” our constitution to bring it into line with UN and European laws. This will mean removing God from our constitution. Only one candidate will resist this to the point of resignation as President. Please be absolutely clear therefore that this is your last chance to vote in favour or against a Christian based constitution for Ireland. What do you want for your children and grandchildren? Dana is not for turning when it comes to protecting your rights as President