Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NaPro Technology ‘Finding the causes of infertility’.

Last week, the Irish Times newspaper’s weekly supplement, ‘Healthplus’ carried a feature – covering the best part of a two-page spread – entitled ‘Finding the causes of infertility’.    Interestingly, the article was devoted to the NaPro fertility technology, and the work of Dr. Phil Boyle.   I have written many times in the past about this wonderful method of treating the causes of infertility (in particular, please see my blogs for 29 May 2009, 28 June 2009, and 16 April 2010).   The IT article also included an account relating the experiences of one particular family that was helped by Dr. Boyle through the use of NaPro.   It is important to emphasise that NaPro is a completely natural approach to the problem of infertility, it is non-invasive, it is comparatively inexpensive, and its use avoids the tensions and psychological frustrations and physical trauma that are involved in IVF and other artificial methods.     It is also a highly successful method in the treatment of infertility.

Accompanying the ‘Healthplus’ article is a photograph of Dr. Boyle during one of his consultations, and it is lovely to see that on the lapel of his suit he carries one of the ‘Precious Feet’ or ‘Little Feet’ emblem, which is the internationally known pro-life symbol.   Many people are not aware of the importance of wearing this little emblem, and it is extraordinary how ordinary people are so surprised to learn that it represents the actual size and perfection of an unborn baby’s feet at just ten weeks in the womb of her mother – when it is possible that the mother herself might not even realise that she is pregnant!   
A colleague of mine was given a ‘Precious Feet’ emblem nearly twenty years ago.    Ever since, she makes a point of wearing it in public, and she ensures that she has a supply of the little emblem available so that she can pass on one of them whenever the situation arises.   A thought.