Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad news for Malta

According to Fr Z, Obama has decided to insult the Maltese people by appointing Douglas Kmiec U.S. ambassador to the island. Malta is one of the last pro-life bastions of Europe - what a coincidence that Obama should have decided to send in a man who has done so much damage in his own country as a Catholic apologist for Obama.

One commentator wrote in Fr Z's combox:

Why is this happening? I do not think Kmiec will like Malta, nor do I think that the Maltese will like him. They are highly intelligent, shrewd people who know a horse from a mule.

Quite. I have a huge amount of respect for the Maltese people, with their history of heroism and self-sacrifice in defending the Truth, but the most dangerous enemies are the ones you cannot easily spot. The Maltese can certainly tell a horse from a mule. I just hope they see this wolf in sheep's clothing for what he is.