Thursday, July 9, 2009

Britain could learn from China?

The Chinese official whose job it is to implement the One-Child Policy, has suggested that Britain could adopt a similar policy to combat climate change. I hope that even police state Britain will not be foolish enough to adopt a policy that would see the state take control of every single woman's fertility and legitimise the systematic persecution and abuse of women in the name of reducing a nation's carbon footprint.

Pro-life and civil liberties groups in Britain need to remain vigilant about this sort of green terrorism. It is a very bad sign that whenever it is suggested that such a policy should be imposed upon the women of Britain, the story tends to be reported in the media entirely uncritically without a word of condemnation from lawyers, doctors, feminists or civil liberties campaigners. Dr Baige Zhao is quite correct. Britain can learn from China's experience of the one-child policy. Learn from it and ensure that such inhumane legislation is never passed in Britain.