Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rally for Life

Grey clouds filled the sky, the rain came and went and came again. Yet, despite all of this, groups of people from all over Ireland started to gather at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin last Saturday for the Rally for Life. A sea of umbrellas was to be seen, and buggies and prams were hastily covered over to keep out the rain. People who had not met for some time greeted each other, and there was a great air of happiness and camaraderie. Then, busloads of people arrived, and more and more people - from all walks of life, young and old – appeared out of nowhere, it seemed. Soon there was a sea of red and yellow placards, and banners, and in the shelter of a motorised stage a group of young musicians from the U.S. played some lively airs.

Suddenly (and I mean suddenly), the clouds parted, and the sun shone out from a clear blue sky. The sun remained shining for the rest of the afternoon while the great crowd walked down through Dublin city centre and halted in Molesworth Street – facing Dáil Éireann (the parliament house) – where they were addressed by a number of eminent speakers. (Further details will be posted at a later date). The event was a marvellous success, and it is hoped that the Rally for Life in 2010, which is planned to take place in Belfast, will be equally successful – if not more so.

The only jarring note of the afternoon came from a very few pro-abortion people who, at one point, shouted obscenities at the Rally participants as they passed through the city centre. Ah well, it is good to be reminded that they don't have any rational arguments on their side.